Oct 2, 2012

Resistant girl gone soft.....

One more thing about pregnancy.......it makes you weak....or soft is maybe a better choice of word here. Emotionally speaking I mean ;))

As an example....our neighbors cat....sure, he's a cute cat (see the pictures and judge for yourself), but when he comes to our balcony door, I normally don't have any big problems ignoring him.....sure it hurts a bit in the heart, but I also know cats are manipulative creatures. I grew up having more pets around than could be counted....a bit of "been there, done that" over the whole thing..... Well, truth is, I try to avoid getting attached to animals now as it hurts so much when you have to say goodbye to them.... Anyway, Chris always wanted to feed him when he came and always said "Look at him! He's so cute......poor guy! He's hungry!" and I'd give him a firm, cold "NO! We should never feed someone else's cat!" back.
....now this was before and in the beginning of the pregnancy, when I was still in control of my emotions. Since then, this cat lost his brother (hit by a car! I cry my eyes out just thinking about it....they used to be together all the time), his owner is very rarely at home, the cat is screaming outside our door for affection maybe 10 times per day and oh, I GOT RIDICULOUSLY PREGNANT! So guess who it was that fed him in the end? Yep! Ms. Cold and Firm.....and now he's here aaaaaall the time, giving me the "Pleeeaaase-feed-and-pet-me-or-I'll-die-look"

Let me add that I am also no longer able to go for a walk around our village without seriously considering freeing all the cows on the fields outside by cutting the fence. They look so sad and I know their destiny all too well (I thought if I write this here, I won't actually do it as the evidence would then be too obvious?!). HELP!!!!! Save me from myself!

Dear Baby,
Please come out before I start adopting every little pet I run into and get into trouble with the local farmers.......



  1. Hehe, our little buddy......

    1. Well, he's still mainly y o u r buddy! I want to stay in denial ;)) I do admit he's getting cuter every minute though......will need to keep the blinds down until the baby arrives =p

  2. Haha, vet inte om det blir så mycket bättre när bebisen kommer... Jag har blivit så himla blödig sen jag blev mamma, gråter åt allt möjligt och tycker jättesynd om grannens små getter :) Så var jag INTE förut! Hoppas på att det är amningen som ställer till det och att jag kanske kan få bli mitt gamla jag igen när jag slutar amma...

    Fin blogg förresten, underbara bilder!

    1. Hahahaaaa jahaja......det kanske var lite naivt av mig att tro att det bara handlar om graviditetshormoner. Vi far se ;)) Du kanske kan beratta sen nar du ar klar med ammningen sa jag vet vad jag har att vanta mig? ;)
      Tusen tack for den snalla komplimangen =))


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