Oct 17, 2012

Home, sweet (but far from finished) home.... Part 5

There are still some spaces left of the apartment that I haven't showed you yet and it will have to stay like this a while longer as these rooms are "under construction" (read: in baby preparation ;)).

In the meantime, we made some changes to the living room. We wanted to somehow make the canvas print fit in better and free up some much needed space. Here's before and after. What do you think (apologies for using iPhone shots)?

So what changed? We bought 2 new, small coffee tables (one oval and one round, both from Interio), a new light green carpet, new pillows, a new blanket and the magazine basket on the floor for easy accessible reading ;))


  1. Hi Linda! How are you? I hope you still remember me. I've read about your pregnancy, and I'm very happy for you! And, I adore your home! I went through your previous posts and saw the photos. Girl, I love every corner of your house! :)

    I'll be visiting your blog more often now that I'm back. Please do visit my blog (new address)--- http://mylifelatelyblog.blogspot.com/


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