Oct 13, 2012

Photo blog: Walking through Arboretum

From our gorgeous walk this afternoon through multicolored forests, by ponds and flowing waters...... I love this season more than words could possibly describe.

Aubonne, Vaud, Switzerland 
Arboretum, Vaud, Switzerland 
....there were gorgeous reflections on the pond
....more reflections
Multitude of colors!
The little creek that runs through the forest....

Absolutely magical.....

Me and my gigantic baby bump....only a few days to go.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!



  1. Such gorgeous photos! I have to come visit, it looks so pretty where you live!

    Glad to see you and the bump are doing well, you look lovely!

    1. Thanks so much!! <3
      You definitely should come to visit......especially great this time of year with all the vineyards being open for tastings!! Gosh, I'd live to do a tour of them, but as you can imagine, right now for me it'd be pretty useless ;)) Hehe!
      Hope you're doing great!!!

  2. Hey Linda awesome photos. Jo and I loved doing that walk in the fall. We used to start our walk from Aubonne. The red mushrooms are amazing. Have never seen them in real life. Can you tell me how you put the copyright on your photos please? I'd like to do that with mine. All the best for your new arrival. % ) Rob

    1. Hey Rob! Thanks so much for your kind words!! We are very excited to meet this little person.... =)

      I can definitely understand why you'd make this walk.....it's so beautiful!!

      Regarding the copyright... I'm sure there is an easier way, but I made an image in photoshop with the text on a transparent background and just copy+paste it on to my photos and save them as a copy in a lower resolution.
      Good luck!


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