Oct 14, 2012

Home, sweet (but far from finished) home.... Part 4

OK, so now going through the upstairs area, starting with the bedroom and my small, but convenient, wardrobe/"dressing room".
Probably my favorite place in the whole apartment - The bed!! 
.....and from the bed, we can watch movies. The plasma is on top of a piece of old Mexican furniture (a gift from my dad), that we had re-painted white and changed the knobs on. It's very rustic and I love it!!
Another important detail, of course, is a full size mirror as I have the dressing room in the bedroom as well.
It's dangerous but undeniably convenient to have chairs close to the bed....they are mainly used for offloading
(which is what I mean with dangerous... In other words, it's not common to JUST find my
pajamas on this chair....... He he!)
A favorite detail here is this little alarm clock, bought in a little shop in Sweden. Unfortunately, the alarm itself is too loud, (it almost had me fall out of the bed once), so it's mainly for decoration ;)

Opening these doors, you will find this small, but very convenient room!

Lots of space for shoes....
....and accessories.
Some handbags also have a place on these shelves. 
Those who know me, know that jeans is a bit of an addiction, but right now (while pregnant), I'm only keeping out the ones I can actually use as it makes me a bit sad otherwise to see them every day ;))
....same principle here - mainly pregnancy wear hanging here at the moment.
It also saves me time in choosing what to wear.


  1. Nice closet! We have the same bed :) i really love the way you decoraded the house.

    1. Thanks so much on both points =))
      Oh cool! I must say that I LOVE this bed! That it's so high, all the storage space, the simple and classic design and even though it's IKEA, it's the most comfy bed I've ever had.....

  2. such a lovely place you have!

    sweetie, i recently created a facebook page, so pop up by when you get a chance and like if you like :)



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