Oct 4, 2012

Photo blog: When the beauty of life makes your heart skip a beat...

Going back up the hill to our village from my pregnancy check-up this morning, the most amazing views caught my eye....and so, I rushed home to get the camera and went down the hill again, making stops along the way to capture this spectacular beauty, offered to me completely free.

I wouldn't have forgiven myself for missing these photo op's and stayed around long enough for the sky to change colors over and over as stormier weather blew in.
Ladies and gentlemen.... I give you: Morning view of Lac Leman (Lake of Geneva), Swiss vineyards and the French Alps. 

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breaths away....."
Unknown author



  1. Wow these are beautiful! I couldn't stop looking out the window today either with the stormy and changing weather over the lake... gorgeous! The wind whipping over the waves makes that dark grey colour that you capture so well in your photos! Lots of luck with the waiting!

    1. Thanks a lot Therese!! =))) We are so lucky to live here....

  2. Wonderful pics ! I have just found your blog and had to read many posts going backwards, I was hooked ! I am a new follower :-), you have a way with writing ! I can't wait to read the news about your baby, it's gonna come soon, right ? Kisses from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies

    1. Ciao Vale! Wow....what a great start of the day to read such a nice comment! Thank you so much!!!
      Indeed....baby is due any day now. Am soooo impatient ;))
      Thanks so much for following!


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