Oct 5, 2012

For post-pregnancy, I am looking ridiculously forward to....

.....doing sports again! Especially jogging while breathing in crisp fall, or chilly winter, air down my lungs.
.....fitting into my old clothes! Especially my jeans.
.....drinking a glass of fine, red, powerful wine on a Friday eve ( Oh, what the heck! Let's add Saturday to the list as well ;)).
.....sleeping on my back!
.....eating Sushi and unpastuerized cheeses!
.....dipping half of my bread chunk in Kirsch before soaking it in the Cheese Fondue and the putting it in my mouth (dreeeewl!!!).
.....having a pain-free back again.
.....going on little excursions, hikes and adventures without having to rest for a week after!
.....wearing shoes for the sake of fitting an outfit instead of just being comfy and practical.
.....painting my own toe nails.
.....hugging and snuggling and actually being close to that person ;))
.....just having my old body back.

I'm sure there are plenty of other stuff too, but these are things (besides actually having a baby and all that entails!!) that I'm currently dreaming of....for after the pregnancy.

Moms, what were you missing the most?

Linda @ the Hairdresser (who knows when I'll be able to go here again, right? ;))

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  1. You said it! Ooh I never tried Kirsch + Cheese Fondue, sounds delicious!!

    1. ;))
      Oooh yes! Try it, it's divine :p
      Just don't make the mistake of dipping it too much unless you love the taste of alcohol....been there, done that, did not enjoy it ( well besides the buzz of being a bit tipsy ;))!

  2. gosh, I missed sushi when I was pregnant!

    As for the back pain... girl! get yourself to an Osteopath, pronto. It was a lifesaver during my second pregnancy.

    1. Oh yeah....sushi......luckily, I don't find the sushi so brilliant here in Switzerland....probably too far away from the sea ;)) It would have been even harder if there were great sushi places around every corner!!
      I acually do have an Osteopath...she comes to my place once per week, but the pain won't go away until the weight is gone and I can start proper training again. The massage is extremely good though and definitely a favorite moment!


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