Aug 15, 2012

Sweden holidays 2012 - Part 6: The last day, a family day

The last day..... Parts of my family came out to visit us at Gräddö for some fishing and BBQ'ing and, last but not least, the event that Danny had been looking forward to the most: Trying the fermented herring ;))) 
My niece's first time by the sea 
....we felt it was safer to have her in a floating west all the time ;))
Playing in the sand with grandma
Danny and Chris fishing and trying the Swedish "Snus"
Tony, Kalle and Josefina, enjoying the calm the sea has to offer.....
It's more lovely than normally to swim while being pregnant! Finally a place where the weight is not an issue ;)
Lucky fisherman no 1
Lucky fisherman no 2
Lucky fisherman no 3
Lucky fisher(wo)man no 4! As you can see....a bit more fishing luck than during our fishing trip to Riddarhyttan ;))
....and they were all grilled and eaten
....together with lots of other good food!
Shrimps!!! My favorite =p
The whole gang, having dinner on the pier
Danny and Caroline, practicing their shrimp peeling skills =))
Since I have quite a bad back pain, I had to have my dinner laying down..... At least I made the most of it with a bottle of alcohol free sparkling rose ;)) A bit more festive than mineral water..... 
Blueberry pie for dessert 
Danny the brave, trying an old Swedish classic: Surströmming (fermented herring). Yiiaaaakes!!! I was expecting a shock reation, but funny enough, his reaction was simply something like "Happy I tried it....but I wouldn't try it a second time"!
Actually, I think the rest of us suffered more than Danny (this fish really stinks!!!) and we didn't even eat it!
Sunset that takes ones breath away <3 class="Apple-style-span" span="span" style="font-size: medium;"> 
Some of the men, sharing secrets at sunset ;)
Cindy up early the next morning =) 
Such a cutie =))) 
Our last breakfast on the little pier outside the cabin..... I miss it lots already and can't wait to go again next year!!!


I read and treasure all your comments..... Thank you for taking the time! x