Aug 27, 2012

As dry as the desert...... terms of topics I mean! Am slowly but surely realizing that blogging about every day life, when what you do most of the time is just staying at home resting, waiting for the baby to arrive, makes it quite difficult to find interesting topics to write about ;))
Even so, here is an attempt at updating you guys on past, current and planned stuff.

Currently, I am.....
Planning: Our wedding and it's so much fun! Am so happy that most of the important details are already fixed.... We have a date, the location, the menu more or less set already, we have a best man, bridesmaids, a toastmaster and a toastmadame, a priest, a guest list, a "sort of" theme has come to life, we have an invitation prepared that just needs to be finalized, an amazing photographer is booked and we have many many fun ideas to still explore. As you can imagine, the dress will have to wait until I know at least roughly what kind of shape I'll be in ;))
Looking forward to: 2 planned trips before our baby arrives (if I will be able to cope that is ;)). The first one is a weekend in Schaffhausen, meeting up with friends and Chris's family and going to the baptism of our friend's baby girl. Then in mid September, we have an Italian wedding to go to in Milan and I am soooooo excited!! Just need to decide what to wear.....not that many options these days though which might be a good thing ;))
Am also looking forward to meet a fellow blogger tomorrow morning for breakfast. She runs the blog "Cashmere inside". Check it out ;))
Listening to: Ellie Goulding's old album, "Bright lights" while looking forward to her new album to be released in October. 

Am also loving the new Eric Turner vs. Avicii song "Dancing in my head"! .....not my usual music pick, I know, but I just love the sound! So uplifting!

Happy about: Being on maternity leave..... In some ways, time goes slower but on the other hand, it gives me lots of time for mental preparation of what's to come. I can't believe it's only 7 weeks left! I am happy, nervous, a bit scared and ooohhh soooo excited - all at once!!
Missing: Sports so much that it hurts.... I am now only hoping I can have a normal, and more or less complication free, delivery so that I can recover quite fast and start getting back into shape. This need is mainly driven by the poor shape of my back at the moment as it makes me feel a bit like a prisoner in my own body.
Thankful for: Having so much support from Chris..... I am really, truly, unbelievably fortunate! He grocery shops, cooks, bakes, gives massages, pep-talks, takes me out for walks and for fun, cleans, organizes and on top of this, he even brings me gifts..... On Saturday, after he went to Lausanne to see a friend, he brought me back two of the things I have been craving over the past few months: My favorite Almond dragees and Chocolate for making hot chocolate from Blondel.

Wishing you all a great week!!


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