Aug 24, 2012

Happy (belated) 3rd blog birthday!!!

So I missed the 3rd Birthday of this was August 7th. Can't believe how fast a year goes by! Well, better late than never, right? 

Well, HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to this blog! It's been another amazing year and here below, the traditional summary of what has happened since the last blog birthday post.

Since the last Blog Birthday, in random order, I have....
...moved across Switzerland to the French speaking part.
...changed jobs/company.
...said Goodbye to Schaffhausen by hosting a farewell party with a Nautical theme together with Chris.
...interviewed one of my favorite bands, The Weepies!
...interviewed one of my favorite female singers, Lucy Rose! my first race during the Lausanne Marathon and that was also the first time I ran 10k, EVER.
...participated in a basic Mountain Biking technique course, which was great fun!!
....been proposed to by Chris and I said yes (of course!!). trips aside (too many to mention), I have travelled to Italy for diving, to London for Christmas shopping and sightseeing, to Florida for a road trip, and I've also gone back to Sweden on various occasions.
...had a massive amount of visitors here in Essertines which has been sooooo much fun!
...did my first couple of awkward video blog posts:
...continued my journey towards becoming a fearless blue slope skier ;)) Hahaha! Sorry, but for me, blue is already scary enough! It's looked something like this:
And I still have a long way to go!
...turned 33!
...started to plan our wedding next year.
...started the most exciting journey of my life by becoming pregnant!!! And the development has looked something like this so far:

...written 114 posts since the last blog birthday post (410 in total!).
...gotten some new followers of the blog and also started to follow quite a few new gems ;)
...become even happier and feel that I still have sooooo much to look forward to!

That's short of course....I probably missed to mention lots, but it's not exactly an easy task to summarize a year.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has started to or continued to support me and this blog over the past year/years! It's still lots of fun and seeing that people actually read what's written here is what keeps me going. Am hoping I will manage to keep it up with a little baby soon joining our family ;)) Am also hoping for your continued support as I start my 4th year (!!!!) as a blogger!



I read and treasure all your comments..... Thank you for taking the time! x