Aug 13, 2012

Sweden holidays 2012 - Part 2: The countryside and the little floating house ;)

After spending some days in Stockholm, we headed out into the country side in the area where I grew up to spend some time with my family. On the agenda we had relaxing, spending time with friends and family, fishing and the yearly crayfish party! (the fishing trip and crayfish party will get their own blog posts.....).

The biggest surprise upon our arrival was finding out that the house I had rented for us to stay in (for 4 nights), which I thought had a lovely location just by the water was in fact ON the water.....without a toilet. In other words, a floating house ;)) Quite an "interesting" experience! Especially since the only way to and back from the cabin was by rowing boat and the toilet was in the harbor and well.....since I'm pregnant.....toilet visits are a lot more frequent than when not being pregnant....let's just leave it at that! Overlooking this little tweak, a super charming place though and besides having the occasional wet boat due to rain and the fact that I had quite a bad lumbago, it gave us some really funny and special memories =)))

Voilaaaaa! Here it is! Our floating cabin on the lake and our means of transportation =)))
This place can be found in a place called Borgåsund, close to Strömsholm.
Caroline became our designated rower! Turns out, she had some talents in this area =))

Strömsholms castle. One of the royal castles of Sweden.
One of the favorite things about this place is the many glorious oak trees.... I can walk around here for hours and used to climb in these all the time when I was younger!

Me on the Grand National race track. Here, pregnant in week 29. my mom's and Kalle's (my stepdad) place, we got a lovely lunch prepared by Kalle:
Local Pike-perch with Almond potatoes, served with veggies from their garden.

Blueberry pie for dessert, made from blueberries from their forest....

Caroline and me, enjoying the hot tub in my mom and Kalle's garden.

Chris in the pool =))
Danny preferred to chill on the lawn though! As he's half Maltese, he couldn't understand why'd we want to go into that cold water! ....he did join us in the hot tub though as there, the temperature was closer to 40 degrees ;p

We had lovely light this afternoon....

Our floating cabin at night =))


  1. Want the Blueberry Cake NOW!!!!

    1. Aaaaahahahaaaaa!! Well. I will struggle to find Swedish blueberries here, but who knows? Maybe I can arrange something ;))) x

  2. Mysigt! Där har jag spenderat mycket tid när jag var yngre =) Min släkt är alla bosatta i trakterna runt Strömsholm.

    1. Va? Vilken roligt sammantraffande =)) Alskar Stromsholm...... x

  3. Ja verkligen =) Jag med, måste se till att komma tillbaka dit något år snart!


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