Aug 15, 2012

Sweden holidays 2012 - Part 5: A week in the Swedish Archipelago

Out of all the things I miss the most from Sweden living in Switzerland (not counting people), is the sea...... For me, no environment can really compare to the one by the sea. It fills me with such tranquility! I love waking up and falling asleep to the sound of the waves, feeling the sea breeze on my face, having salty baths and in the evening, having these baths after a hot sauna! ...and last but not least, I can't get enough of all the stunning sunsets!!
I guess you could say my feelings for the sea is comparable to what the Swiss feels about the mountains....

Here's the photo blog from our week in Gräddö:
The waking up view, just outside our cabin....not every day, but those with sunshine ;)
Serious sibling talk? ;)
Caroline and Chris, defying the water temperature! As you should in summer time in the Archipelago =p
Relaxing on the pier
A classic Swedish dish on the pier at sunset: Smorgastarta (a kind of sandwhich cake)

One of the many amazing sunsets
Chris and I
A jump for joy!
Fires in the evening to enhance the atmosphere (and keep mosquitos away ;))

Danny reading his book on the pier outside our cabin
....we had visitors! Omar, Josefina and their son Mateo came out for the day! 
....and we had burger lunch =p
Caroline fixing her fishing rod
My mom and Kalle came out for a day and here we are all going in to the sea after a HOT sauna =)) Sooooo refreshing!

They brought freshly picked Chanterelles and we used them to make a pasta dinner.....

Maybe not entrely easy to see, but there is a seal passing by out there =))) This is actually the first time I ever saw one in nature like this.... Two years ago, I heard them but never saw them.
Yet another stunning sunset view.....
Just one more photo blog post to go on the topic of our Sweden holidays, which will be about our final night and day at the cabin, a kind of family gathering ;)) Coming up soon!


  1. I had fun reading and seeing your lovely photos! You guys for sure had so much fun! Let's follow each other? :)

  2. Such gorgeous photographs Linda - this place looks heavenly.
    I can spy your lovely little bump in one photo too.
    Thanks for the tip about where to shop for maternity, I will definitely check it out.



  3. Thanks Joanne =)) It is really heavenly and I already miss it.....especially since it's sooooo hot in Switzerland this week! I hope you find something interesting on the website I recommended. I loved shopping there!
    Hope you're feeling great!


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