Nov 28, 2011

A little something about happiness...

After I published the post H.A.P.P.Y the other day, someone asked me "What's the secret?". This got me thinking......and well, here's the thing, I don't believe there are any secrets on how to be happy! No magic revelations or rocket science will come out of this post nor will my way of thinking make everyone else happy..... Am I always feeling happy? Noooooo! Am I always in a sunshiny-mood? For sure not!! Happy is hard work and the common misconception is that people seem to believe that being happy, means that everything is perfect.....well it's not, it just means that you have chosen to simply accept the flaws in yourself as well as the flaws in what and who surrounds you. This is not so easy, which is why I am saying, for me, being happy is not just me being lucky or living the perfect life....being happy is hard work and nobody else can do the work for you.

If you are not already happy, here are some things that might help:
  • Focus your energy on what you have, not what you don't have!
  • Look around you! There is beauty everywhere!!! ...if you are open to it....
  • Forget the past rejections or failures! Look forward.....where you still can make a difference!
  • Accept yourself and for G's sake, stop comparing yourself to others!!
  • Realize that no one else but YOU can make YOU happy!
  • Realize that the important and the longest lasting beauty is the one you have within and spend most of your time, energy and money on this instead of spending it all on what is purely superficial.
  • Try new things, foods, hobbies, people!
  • Be indifferent to other peoples negative opinions and stand up for what you believe is right.
  • Stop obsessing over things/people/situations that are not as you wish....if you tried and it didn't work, move on!
  • Know that you don't have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself. If you feel good about what you do, it shouldn't matter so much what other people think. If you don't feel good about what you do, change.
  • Get yourself out of situations or away from people that weigh you down....
  • Keep in mind that doing what you've always done, will give you what you always got....
  • Think POSITIVELY and OPTIMISTCALLY about the future! I really believe it does help....
  • Smile a lot!
  • The rain will come, but it's your choice to see the rain as wet and cold or as refreshing!
Last but not least, make no mistake: Happiness is a mindset.

Everybody measures success, perfection and happiness differently.......the trick is to turn the prisma to put yourself and your life in a better light. Try a different lens....



  1. You may not hold the secret of happiness but you are right in everything you wrote here :)There is no recipe for this, it's just making the right choices and deciding that being happy requires a lot of work like everything in this life (and by work I mean work on ourselves and our way of living our lives). Great one Linda!

  2. This is a very nice post Linda! It inspires me to do what really makes me happy, appreciate what I have and the beauty of simple things in life, forget the past and move on, live the present, accept my failures and learn from them, and top of all, don't let people let you down...

  3. Thank you both!! Your comments mean a lot to me..... x


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