Nov 13, 2011


If I were to label my life right now, I'd label it "HAPPY". Not just feeling good or being relaxed....but really really happy, in that sparkling-can-not-stop-smiling-kind-of-way. I can not remember the last time I felt so at peace. Probably before my teenage years.....before hormones invaded my body I guess ;)) 

It's been a while since my last "update", so here goes.....

Currently, I'm:
Happy about: Oh wow.....this will be a list in itself ;))
- that Chris has finally moved in!!!!!!
- that everyone in my family now has Skype so we can actually see each other when talking! Today I saw my niece "live" for the first time in ages and it was amazing! She even blew me a kiss =)))
- my new running shoes that I bought yesterday! I tried them today and they are great!
- the apartment!! My gosh.... We LOVE it here!!! ...and the neighbors are fantastic!
- the fact that it is FONDUE season!!! We had an amazing, locally made, cheese fondue last eve
- a phone conversation yesterday with a former colleague who told me such amazing news!!! ...that I unfortunately can not share yet ;)
- having time to do a home facial after the run this afternoon! Had a nice bath with one of my favorite bath salts and then an acid peel followed by a multi vitamin mask, both from the amazing Dermalogica....fabulous and soooooo relaxing.
Marshmallow topped hot chocolate....yummy!!!
Enjoying: A cup of hot chocolate with Marshmallows! Love this time of year!!
Disappointed about: I have been running 5k, two days in a row and both times, I felt horribly out of shape. Almost every step was hard. I'm disappointed how quickly you can turn from feeling in great shape into THAT....sigh! It's only for the past three weeks that I haven't been able to do sports more than maybe 2 times per week...which still isn't bad, right? Normally, I do sports maybe 3-4 times per week....anyway, I'm sure it will come back soon ;) 
Looking forward to: Christmas in our new home=p I am such a christmas junkie, so naturally, having a new place to decorate for Christmas is GREAT!! Am also starting to ponder upon what Christmas gifts to buy..... 
A little snapshot from our fondue yesterday =)
Listening to: Many great songs in the background on one of our Spotify playlists. Current favorites are: Crash by the Primitives (an oldie, but a goldie ;)), Desolate by Full of Keys, Paperdoll by Rosie Thomas and I also can't stop listening to the general....but if I were to choose a song right now, it's be "Be my thrill"!
Thinking about: The amazingly yummy cheese fondue we had yesterday eve! OMG. Divine..... We had cheese for 3 ppl and we ate it all....without any issues ;) 
Hoping: I'm traveling to Italy tomorrow and I'm hoping that the meeting we have planned this week goes well and that I will also find time in the evenings to go to the gym as I'm staying there until Wednesday.
Wondering: What I should get for my niece for Christmas.....she is 1.5 yrs old and has almost everything. Suggestions? Anyone? 
Planning: The details of next weekend as we will be going back to Schaffhausen.
Smiling about: The amazing Miyazaki movie I saw this morning! If you have a chance, watch "Arrietty the borrower" AKA "The secret world of Arrietty"!! I loved every second....
Sad about:  Some of my friends who are really suffering from a situation at work that is so unfair that I can not even mention it without becoming ragingly angry =(((
Wanting: Desperately wanting a pair of True religion Tara's in black.... Santa Clause, if you're listening, a soft package of this kind would make me a very happy camper this year =))
Feeling: That life is amazing.....

Wishing you all an amazing finish of the weekend and a great start of the new week!!


  1. Så himla härligt att höra att du är så lycklig!!! Då blir jag lycklig :) KRAM

  2. So good to be happy :)I am on a happy cloud also and it's so nice to relate to some of the stuff you wrote here. It's like Audrey Hepburn said: Happy girls are the prettiest girls :)

  3. Katja: Sotnos och likewise =)) KRAM!!

    Carried Away: Indeed! Being happy changes everything....even your immune syste, =)) Am very happy to hear that you are happy too!! x

  4. Hi Linda! I'm just dropping by :) You're probably now in Italy having fun (as you mentioned in this post he he)... great to know you're happy. everyone deserves to be happy although life is such a bitch sometimes.

  5. oh man i've been wanting to see that movie!! i've been tracking it for a while now. looks so good!


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