Nov 13, 2011

Things I love right now.....


  1. ohh.. i want what you want!!
    Or at least i can tell you i NEED those black boots in the middle, and the american flag hat.. love it.
    And yes the "mustardy" sweater... and the owl.. and whatever coffe that is from Starbucks.. oh yes i'll tkae that as well.
    ( i even likes the pumkin taste they have right now.. i like them all though.. ;)
    the jeans.. well yes.. as i said.. i want it all. :)

    Take care you pretty you!

  2. I love all the items in here especially the grey cardigan, mustard and stripe sweaters... I love to follow your blog linda. I can't find your GFC. :-(

  3. Lady-G: Ha ha haaaaa! Aren't they great? I just bought a new pair of Hunter boots, otherwise those black ones would certainly already be in a shopping cart online for me somewhere, waiting for me to check-out ;) I still need to try the Pumpkin spice latte! Maybe next weekend..... xox

    Cherry: Thanks so much!!! GFC? x

  4. That palette is gorgeous! And OMG, the Starbucks Holiday specials are my guilty pleasure - though I am disappointed that they don't have the peppermint mocha this year :-(

  5. Love them all :)

  6. Elisa: If I could, I'd have Starbucks intravenously! I'm especially craving the peppermint hot chocolate at the moment, but the mocha also sounds like a must try!! Hope they launch it soon! =)) x

    Michelle: =))))) and thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. x


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