Nov 11, 2011


Nothing frustrates me more than when someone says things like "You shouldn't say that!". Who says?! 

I understand that it's not appropriate to say absolutely everything that crosses your mind in every situation....or to everyone...of course....but what really makes me angry is more when people say "That's not politically correct"! Now, hang on.....if everyone always says what others like to hear, how will things ever change? No, you know what? That's called inefficiency! Freedom of speech and opinion is everyones birth right. The one who sits quietly, will have a hard time actively contributing to changing the world (or smaller places) into a better place nor will he or she ever experience the immense pleasure and joy of having changed something....for the better....because they dared to speak up. Not taking a stand or always saying "the appropriate thing" is also a right, but if that's your choice then at least, don't "Hush!" others who can not stand seeing wrong being called right.



  1. I like :-). But the so called "leaders" should do that as well...

  2. You are right, I'm also the type of person who thinks that we have to speak our mind when things are not going in the good direction. I believe in diplomacy but there are times when the truth needs to be said, diplomatically or not.

  3. Chris: Fully agree!! If they don't, they can not consider themselves as leaders ;))

    Carried Away: WORD!


  4. Christian Louboutin also seems to have a strong opinion on the subject... Well, he definitely makes a statement with his shoes, never beating around the bush! :) You must feel flattered that he comments on your post, Linda!

  5. Sylvie: Ha ha haaa indeed!! ...and it's not the first time HE comments either ;))


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