Nov 27, 2011

1st of Advent

It's amazing how fast time flies.... I really have the feeling it was only a few weeks ago when we were still able to swim in the lake and now it's the first of Advent. I do not have any Christmas feelings yet.... Probably because there is no snow and I haven't spent any time at home this weekend, like I normally would, trying to "Christmasify" our home while listening to Christmas songs. Well....having a slight hang-over today isn't exactly helping either.....for sure this has removed all my usual first of advent cravings for mulled wine ;))

Now we are on the train back to Lausanne after having spent a great weekend in Schaffhausen and Zurich, meeting family and friends! We are tired, but hopefully I can find the energy to at least locate the box with Christmas stuff when we come home.

Today was the first time I at least had a realization of the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. It came from passing by the Swarowski tree at Zurich train station! Quite a nice one I must say!

I hope you are all managing better than me with getting into the Christmas mood! At least it sounds like, reading all the Tweets and Facebook updates of today. Anyway, I'm not really worried....I'm a born Christmas junkie so I know it's just a matter of time before I get all excited about it ;)
Happy first of Advent everyone!



  1. Hi Linda, I'm sure it will snow in your place anytime soon... and by the way, that's a huge white Christmas Tree you have there. Let me guess it's inside a mall. now, i'm very excited to start posting Christmas posts!

    Take care girl! xo Cherry :)

  2. I've already started to get into the Christmas spirit but I still can't believe how fast this year has past. It was a great one, but time goes by too fast :)


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