Nov 6, 2011

The run and the power of music

Last Sunday, we took a"break" from all of the moving and went running during the Lausanne Marathon. Well, we didn't run the marathon, but I did the 10km race and Chris and his sister did the 21km race. A couple of months ago, I would have never even imagined running 10km's. I know for some of you, 10km's is a piece of cake, but I was never ever a long distance runner.......I prefer instant results or team sports. Anyway, last Sunday was the first time that I have ever been running longer than 7km's.....and those 7km's, btw, only happened once ;)) I was soooooooo nervous!! In the end, I managed and it was such an amazing feeling crossing that finishing line, knowing I had reached my goal and on top of that, I managed in 58 min's and 33 seconds vs my target to finish under 1 hour and 15 min's. 
Here's the video of me crossing the finishing line.....can you spot me? I'm a few seconds into the clip on the right side of the screen, in a ponytail, wearing a red running shirt:

So how did I manage to run 10km's without being trained for it? Well......I'm pretty stubborn, that's for sure, so that was surely helping me to finish, but it was also all the people around, cheering and applauding, contributing to a fantastic atmosphere and the amazing power music in my ears. Really good music gives me the feeling that I can move mountains!! Do you get the same energy from music?  Here some examples of my favorite power songs....songs that could make me run for hours =)))

Which are your power songs??

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