Nov 13, 2011

By request - Photos of the new coat


What you see in the photos:
Black duffel coat from Burberry Brit (bought at Boutique Annabelle on Rue de Bourg in Lausanne.... I don't think it's available online.)
"Original tall Navy" Wellingtons from Hunter
"Stella" Jeans from True Religion

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  1. great coat linda!! i really like it. & nice boots too!

  2. Thank you Linda =))) I love both the boots and the coat! x

  3. Simple & nice style, lovely coat! Is Lausanne worth a visit for shopping facilities?

  4. Thanks Sylvie!!
    Lausanne is great....I haven't seen everything yet, for sure, but I love the set-up and the atmosphere! Beautiful!! ....and the Starbucks doesn't hurt either ;)) x


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