Nov 7, 2011

.....there are moments

....when we are reminded of how truly precious life is
....when we wish our best friend was as close to us physically as she/he is to our hearts
....when we wish we could share our happiness with the whole world that surrounds us
....when we are so filled with sadness that the saltwater in our eyes can no longer fit in its hollow
....when our hearts feel as light as an animal shaped helium ballon at a birthday party
....when we feel so inspired that we simply can not stop creating
....when our hearts ache so much it is as if they were set on fire
....when the voice of our loved ones sound as sweet as the frosting on our favorite cupcakes
....when our heart almost stops while we are waiting to hear the outcome of potentially life-changing news
....when we know we are doing something we probably shouldn't be doing
....when we can barely breathe from the suspense
....when it feels as if caterpillars turn to butterflies in the cocoons that are our bellies
....when we have the feeling that the sun is shining just for us
....when we feel that we are small, insignificant and replaceable
....when we realize that the one we love, sincerely loves us back
....when we feel like we could conquer the world
....when we are so afraid
....when we just can't stop laughing

Savor these moments......they are what makes us human. They are what we call life.


  1. Such a great post. I love how you managed to express all the moments that define great part of our life. Beautiful...

  2. wow! soo true!! love the way you write!!


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