Nov 13, 2011

Welcome to Essertines....



  1. One of the reasons I love this country are the beautiful places like your village. It's amazing how much beauty we can find in the countryside. One can just be amazed...

  2. These are beautiful photos! Mesmerizing... I love the color of autumn. now, I am more excited to post some pics my cousin sent me through e-mail and post them on my blog. I was inspired by this post. But i think you should have enlarged the photos, because they are absolutely stunning!

  3. Carried Away: Indeed!! I always loved the country side..... I must say, I haven't felt this at peace for YEARS! =)) Thanks so much for your comment! x

    Cherry: Thank you!!! ....and you are right, they should be now they are ;))) x

  4. haha. glad you took my advice :)


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