Dec 6, 2011

Currently, I'm........

Happy about: Traveling to London on Thursday for business and instead of flying home again on Friday, Chris is also coming there and we decided to stay for the weekend.... It's his first time in London, so double excitement =))
Friday dinner: Home cooked Teriyaki Salmon with Edamame
Enjoying: The lack of business traveling lately (too much in one go is exhausting).... As a consequence, I've had the pleasure of spending so many beautiful evenings at home, enjoying the new apartment and the new kitchen.
Disappointed about: IKEA's unbelievably BAD decision to switch all of the traditional Swedish brands in the Swedish food shop into their own brand, which can not even begin to compare!!! Honestly, the IKEA food shop has been one of the reasons I have been able to live abroad quite painlessly since I can still find my favorite foods etc. This is now gone....and so is my hope for having a Christmas eve in Swedish style.
Looking forward to: Besides going to London, I am really really looking forward to Christmas and a bit of time off without the usual million plans like we'd normally have for this time of year. Am also looking forward to, hopefully soon having, the first snow, going for skiing and having my mom and stepdad here for New year's eve!! Also excited about going to Milan next week and for once actually having time to visit the city ;)
Listening to: This amazing song, the OST from the movie "Drive", on repeat (great movie btw, but a lot of violence.....)!!! 
Hoping: That we will be visited in January by my amazing friend, Madde!
Wanting: Started to write here, but realized it will be better to do a separate post on that topic as I've discovered quite a few little treasures recently ;))
Planning: Our holidays in Sweden 2012! It will be Chris's sister, her boyfriend, Chris and myself for 2 weeks out of which one will be spent in the Archipelago in the same amazing place as in 2010...dreaming myself away...aaahhh.....
Thinking about: What other holiday destinations we will visit during 2012......maybe Kenya...or the US....or the Maldives...or....well.....I could go on forever! To Be Decided.

Honestly, these are DIVINE!!!
Smiling about: A recent discovery......namely a Lindt Chocolate outlet in Aubonne which is only 10-15 minutes away from our place. Not only was this a fantastic discovery in itself, but also what I found inside the shop that until Friday last week, I had no idea existed and now I'm not sure how I could have ever lived without....see picture on the right....
Sad about: My lack of self-discipline not to eat all of the contents of the box to the right, way too fast and then having a guilty conscience about it after ;p
Feeling: Really great! Both physically and mentally.....had some great runs lately (9km's effortless as one example...) and also some good gym work-outs! Work is fabulous and private life even better.... Feeling pretty much ready to conclude the year 2011 as one of the best years of my life!

Wishing you all a fantastic rest of the week!

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