Dec 18, 2011

It's all white!!

Outside the window, the grounds of Essertines-sur-Rolle have turned white.....massively white! It all looks so pretty covered in snow. I'm now sitting in the sofa, looking out the window and I see cars trying to get up the hill with little success. Quite amusing actually.....

The weekend so far has been so lovely! I have cooked Moules (Mussels), baked Swedish saffron buns, we have decorated the Christmas tree, wrapped the Christmas gifts and placed them under the tree, gone for a 7km run in the snow (first time for me running in the snow actually and it felt great!), had dinner with friends and lit the 4th Advent candle.... Christmas is now juuuuuust around the corner and I am so excited! Thursday is my last working day until January 3rd and the downtime is not only needed but way overdue ;)) Changing jobs and home at the same time is energy consuming to say the least.

This afternoon, we plan to take the car up the mountain and then go for a a little snow hike in Vallee de Joux. I hope the snow stays for a while now....or at least that we do get to have a white Christmas. Fingers crossed........ Now leaving you with my 2 favorite Christmas Songs! Enjoy ;)



  1. It's snowing here too!

    But I haven't been quite so efficient: I did completely de-clutter and rearrange Stella's room yesterday, but not much in terms of holiday prep, unless you include baking brownies to eat this afternoon after we are done decorating our tree :-)

  2. Oh really? Niiiiiice!! Zurich is lovely covered in snow =)
    Of course baking brownies, and especially eating them, counts! Anything you do counts if you think about Christmas while you're doing it...... x

  3. Merry Christmas Linda! Feels like a dejavu. Did i just say that on twitter? HAHA :D Have a blast!

    Greeting card for you!


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