Dec 6, 2011

Dear Santa.....

The other day, somebody asked me through my Formspring account what I want for first reaction was "Nothing.....", because I honestly can't think of anything I really need! 
Anyway.....this got me thinking about it....which is never good besides when it's with the purpose of sharing it with you ;)) 
So, here I go, sharing with you some treasure I bumped into recently that I wouldn't mind sharing my home with:
A Studio Ghibli DVD box with some of the best Anime movies ever!!

A gorgeous Cupcake necklace from Betsey Johnson
An amazingly yummy fragrance from Benefit Cosmestics that go by the name of exactly what I am right now, "So hooked on Carmella" ;))
Paulo Coelho's new book "Aleph"!
A pair of slouchy home boots from Victoria's Secret PINK collection, in grey! Yes please!
A Marc Jacobs "What's your sign t-shirt"
This gorgeous hobo bag called "Stephanie" from Diane von Furstenberg....not saying I want it for Christmas, just saying that's it'sa gorgeous treasure...

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  1. åh ! jag vill oxå ha VS boots, och jag VILL ha sign shirten.. oh yes please, pretty please.
    Hoppas du får en fin jul vännen.


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