Dec 8, 2011

Sleep walking, sleep working, sleep talking, sleep eating, sleeping....sleep...ZzzZzz.....

I was up ridiculously early this morning, 4:30am to be precise, and not even in the teeniest tiniest little way can I agree with the taxi driver who, when I arrived in London this morning told me "It's the best time of the day". Nope. Naaha! No way!! 4:30am is sleep time, not awake time.

As a consequence of being up too early, nothing I have done today has been done with passion..... On the inside, I have been sleeping my way through the whole day....feeling nothing but drowsiness, burning eyes and an urgent need to go to bed.
Maybe this is why, I've spent the whole day questioning what I saw this morning.  While I was stuck in a traffic jam going from Gatwick airport to my destination, I swear I saw an abandoned green Elf suit in the ditch next to the highway!! The only thing that makes me confident that this is true, is that the taxi driver also commented on it..... He said something like "What the........" with his eyes big like ping pong balls. This has certainly not helped my level of concentration during the day, but rather frequently lured me off into fantasy land, plotting the story behind this suit. I'm sure the story must be grand! Thoughts on this anyone?

Now, finally SLEEP TIME!


  1. Hej Linda,

    Jag fick tips ang. din blogg från min nya (och din gamla?) kollega Marielle Krechting, som nämnde att hon känner dig. Det är alltid kul att lära känna nya "svenskar abroad", även om jag själv bor i Holland. :-)

    Marielle hälsar så gott, så hör gärna av dig om du är i Rotterdam någon gång så går vi tre ut och tar en drink.



  2. Hi linda! Can you please do me a favor? Please vote for my little red Christmas tree here

    Pls help my little tree outshine the big trees! Vote for it everyday. Thanks in advance!

    xo Cherry A.

  3. Carin: Hej! Vad skoj!! Ska genast spana in din blogg.... Jag hor av mig nar jag ar i krokarna!! x

    Cherry: Count on it ;)) x


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