Dec 25, 2011

Christmas-holiday-movie-mania, part 1

Having time off is fantastic! Finally, I have the time to catch up on all the movies I've been wanting to watch and of course, I am sharing my impressions (short version ;)) and ratings with you.... In random order, here goes the list of the ones I've worked my way through so far.

Contagion (2011) 3.5/5
Extremely scary and realistic depiction of a deadly flu outbreak!! Watch the trailer: 

Princess Mononoke (1999) 3.5/5
I am a HUGE fan of Miyazaki, but all though I loved the moral of this story, it did not become one of my new favorites like I hoped. 
Watch the trailer:
The Debt (2011) 3/5
I was hoping for a real nail biter, but it never really got to me the way these kind of movies should. Surprisingly, the best acting performance is NOT by Helen Mirren but rather from Jessica Chastain, who plays the younger version..... Watch the trailer:

Another Earth (2011) 3.5/5
A very beautiful story, leaving its watcher with the questions like "What would you say to You, if you could meet You in another earth?" or "Would the other me be more happy or successful than me?" I must admit that I always struggle to love a movie whose characters choices are doomed for failure from the very beginning and it almost hurts to watch it play out. Well worth the playing time though ;)
Watch the trailer:

Disney's A Christmas Carol (2009) 2.5/5
I've always loved the intent of this Charles Dickens classic!! Somehow, Disney is not managing to capture it too well. Surprising and quite disappointing to be frank.....
Watch the trailer:

Carnage (2011) 3/5
Two kids argue. One gets beaten by the other one in the face by a stick and the parents meet to talk it out. Surprisingly entertaining, considering there are 4 people in one room during the entire movie!! This only works with sharp actors and in this area, you won't be disappointed.
Watch the trailer:

Midnight in Paris (2011) 3.5/5
Entertaining and imaginative, but I wouldn't say it's a great as the critics claim. The chemistry between the characters just doesn't feel genuine enough..... Lovely images of Paris though ;)
Watch the trailer:

Unfortunately, I didn't yet find the masterpiece I'm so desperately searching for. I am dying to find the next Pan's Labyrinth, Amelie, Little Miss Sunshine or The Fountain.
A random pick of movies I have coming up, The Help, Water for Elephants, The Warrior, 30 minutes or less, A separation, Sarah's key....and many more ;)) Hopefully, one of these will be THE ONE!

I hope you are all having a lovely time!! I know I am ;))

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  1. I love your reviews, you are right about A Christmas Carol and Midnight in Paris, the only ones I saw from your list. From the ones coming up I only saw Water for Elephants and as usual the book was better then the movie, but still it's ok for a lazy afternoon.


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