Aug 22, 2010

Late summer holiday in Sweden

Back again in the city closest to my heart, Stockholm. This time for work purposes, but decided to come a little earlier to spend the weekend my beloved friend Aryan. I was just at home for 5 days in between and didn't even manage to completely unpack before it was time to pack again ;))

So the time we've spent in Sweden recently has been amazing to say the least!! It started with the baptism of my little niece Cindy (it was the first time I met her in person and it was such an incredible feeling!!) and seeing my family and ended up with 6 amazing days in the Archipelago. We found such a gem of a place there and will for sure go back again next year. Sweden in summer is truly remarkable and in my opinion, completely unbeatable!

I have wanted to do this post for quite some days now but am realizing it is simply impossible to write about this holiday! Too much to share and too many emotions to describe.....this is why I will instead do this with the help of some photos.

I hope you have all been enjoying your summers!! 


  1. Indeed Sweden in summer is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much Linda.

  2. Sweden looks like an amazing country and it looks like you've had an amazing holiday!
    There are some really beautiful pictures by the sea. May I ask where that is exactly?

  3. Chris: Trust was my pleasure ;))

    Jane: The place we were at is called Graddo. It is a beautiful place and actually just on the coast of Roslagen.


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