Aug 4, 2010

Hobbies, Interests & Passions, Part 2: Thrifting by Lina

hello guys & gals!

my name is lina & i live on the west coast of the states & run the blog from lina.

i am so excited that i get to do this guest post for linda. she asked me to do a post about one of my (many!) hobbies.

i have decided to talk about & give some tips about one of my favorite hobbies – thrifting!

i find all sorts of neat treasures at thrift stores. one time i found a polaroid camera full of film for about $3. another time, i discovered some old black & white photos.
thrift stores can be the perfect place to find vintage clothes, designer clothes (i have found quite a few marc jacobs items!), & clothes (or other items) that can be altered for fun. for example, i bought a tote bag for $0.50 that had a design on one side & ended up covering the design with flying bird fabric for a pocket (see photo).

thrift stores can be your craft stores, as you can find all kinds of crafting & art project supplies.

many thrift stores have bags of ribbon, zippers, yarn, & knitting needles sold for cheap.

old sweaters bought while thrifting, washed & dried on the hottest cycles, will turn into felt for sewing projects.

there are always old children’s books & nature books that can be used for collages.

my friend, petunia, always finds old sheets & pillow cases that she uses for fabric for her sewing projects.

vintage & mismatched jewelry can be used to make pins & broaches.
whenever i go thrifting, i always check the book section for anything that looks interesting. about 85% of the books on my bookshelf come from the thrift store. usually, books are around $1. i have found brand new books (like twilight & the time traveler’s wife) & old classics (like the catcher in the rye & the great gatsby). i also stumble upon many cookbooks as well, full of all sorts of good recipes.

as you can see, thrifting is quite an adventure & you can never know what you will find. i hope these tips help you on your next thrifting trip!
thanks for reading : )



  1. I nod in agreement!!!
    Thanks a million Lina - MUCH appreciated!!

    I used to love thrifting but haven't found any time for it lately.... Should really use this opportunity while living out of my home country to search for some unique treasures ;))

  2. Aw, cute bag! Great post. :]

  3. thanks everyone!
    : )

    linda: yes, you should go thrifting! perfect plan : )

  4. What a lovely guest post!

    Linda, I'm working on my guest post now. Sorry to take so long, life has been nuts!


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