Aug 29, 2010

Home sweet home

Good morning world!
Am still in bed, feeling ridiculously lazy and reading other blogs. I am always so positively amazed by some other peoples creativity, choices of words, layouts etc. and always find inspiration by doing so.

I recently came back home to Switzerland again after another trip to Sweden......just 4 days in between. This time for work, but decided to stay with my lovely friend Aryan over the weekend. I also managed to see my hilarious and lovely friends Tanja & Therese again and meet up with some other really awesome people. 
Here is a short update:

Currently, I'm
Happy about: Being back home again (in Switzerland)......and even more importantly, feeling at home! .....oh and my new shoes!!
Disappointed about: The cancellation/postponement of the Joshua Radin concert I was soooo sooo looking forward to go to in October.
Thinking about: ...if it can be considered a good balance (as a kind of default) when you gain and loose at the same time? Like right now, I'm thinking "Wow! My wardrobe is really full" and at the same time I'm thinking "Wow! My wallet is not......"! Just a thought....
Listening to: These three songs, on repeat =))
Worrying about: Work.....or actually not work itself, but the lack of time vs the number of things to do. Not a pretty equation at the moment.
Hoping: That there will be enough people who wants to play soccer tomorrow eve as I'm really looking forward =))
Laughing about: My little "incident" at the gym last evening. You see, I had the whole gym to myself! It was fantastic!! So fantastic that my good mood made me sing along loudly to my mp3 player and a few minutes later, I saw the cleaner in the corner of my eye........ At least it was a very good song!! 
Looking forward to: A late and long breakfast!! Freshly baked Butterzopf (made by Chris!) =p and a HUGE cup of Swedish coffee....
Wondering: If anyone is going to use my new app! An anonymous question area..... you can ask me anything without having to sign up for an account. 
You can either click here or you can also use the box on the top right hand side of my blog! Looking forward to some fun Q&A ;)
Planning: To go for a coffee later with lovely Anja....and maybe also to the gym (...but this time I will try to leave the music sounds inside the headphones!).
Feeling: Drained on energy but must say I had a really fun time getting to that state of drained ;)
Inspired by: The thought of fall with all it's colours and freshness in the air! 
Thankful for: Too many people/things to mention!!
Wishing: That we will have a fantastic weekend hiking in the mountains, Crans Montana to be exact, next weekend. Am so excited!!!!
Wanting: To have a few more Sundays left before this weekend is not feeling done with being lazy yet!

That's all for now....... Please tune in again soon for the next guest blogger post by Chris Hafner.


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  1. Vilken underbar lista, blir så glad av att läsa!! Jag hade lite samma känsla i söndags, håller med om att man skulle haft några till på raken! Rolig idé med Q&A - jag kanske knycker idén. Kramkram!! :)


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