Nov 6, 2009 last!!

Fall is a fact, winter is lurking juuuuust behind the corner and Christmas is so near it is inevitable to walk into a store here without feeling at least a little tempted to buy some new decorations or at least start thinking about christmas gifts! Isn't it incredible how time really flies?!

My week has been quite awful to be honest and all I can think about is sleep! I feel so drained....
I really need some fresh-air, daylight and a weekend that is completely pressure-free!

Bad news is that I've heard that the weather this weekend is supposed to be rainy and dull..... Good news is that there are umbrellas ;)

A weekend of bad weather during fall for me often mean drinking hot-chocolate under a blanket in the sofa watching movies! I love those weekends......completely pressure free! Without firm plans - just wishes! ...and since I know there will be quite a few of these, I have already prepared my "Top 5 Most Wanted Movies list" that I thought I'd share with you!
Here goes ;)

1. (500) Days of Summer

2. Where the wild things are

3. A Christmas Carol

4. Coco avant Chanel

5. Adventureland

Exciting movies coming up I must say!
If you have already watched these - let me know what you thought please? =))
Hope you will all have a GREAT weekend, regardless of plans or weather!

Linda - Lost in Switzerland

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