Nov 21, 2009

A Shopping-spree, great sushi, one major disappointment and one major moment of bliss!

These were the main ingredients of my Saturday so far.....

Spent most of this day in Konstanz in Germany, a little city very closo tp the Swiss border where many Swiss (and fake Swiss, such as myself) go to enjoy an affordable shopping-spree! (oh yes - it's way cheaper than Switzerland! Especially after claiming back the paid German tax).

Starting with the disappointment..... I have been building up an anticipation for months and months and months after an earlier trip to Konstanz where I walked by a shop, closed at the time, called "My Vintage", where the writing on the window proudly state that they sell branded vintage wear! Imagine my excitement?!
Today I finally made it before they close just to find that what they call vintage turned out to be regular second hand branded 1930's Hollywood glamour gowns, no flowered hats or fabulous Chanel pieces.....just boring, plain, used clothes. I have to admit I still haven't managed to shake off the disappointment and so I ask of you, dear readers: If you know any of these shops, of which I'm dreaming, in the area not too far from Zurich - please can you let me know where to find it?!
OK....enough complaining! Now over to the good stuff!!

It is FALL and the weather is gloomy to say the least....hence the need for an umbrella!
I have been dreaming of a rainbow coloured one for quite some time now and today - I FINALLY FOUND IT and it's perfect!! BLISS BLISS BLISS!!!
You may think I must be easily entertained to feel such joy over something as simple as an umbrella - but I'll tell ya.......this one will be absolutely magical for photos and it's big enough to fit to ppl without any hassle ;))

Some other really good stuff was the fantastic SUSHI! Had my favourite California insideout rolls with tuna, spinach and mayo in the Lago shopping-mall! This sushi alone is worth the 30-40 minute trip!

I also managed to find a perfect pair of black Seven jeans, an adorable pair of mushroom earrings, and a new favourite wardrobe piece;
A long knitted cardigan from ZARA with a fake-fur collar! I think I will spend enough time in this one this winter to give it a postal code.........and here some picture evidence ;)

As christmas is getting nearer - decorations and lights have been put up everywhere now (FINALLY!!) and in this Lago mall, they had the cutest little miniture models of places around Bodensee. It's actually postcard images brought to life and the postcards could be bought and profits go to charity. Soooooo adorable!!

Now at home again enjoying a cosy Saturday evening in the sofa.... Hoping for some nice weather tomorrow allthough I have to say, some rain at this stage wouldn't feel so bad either considering my new umbrella ;)) Hihi!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!!
Linda - Lost in Switzerland, blissfully happy about todays shopping achievements!


  1. It is always worth traveling for great sushi! Yummy! Sounds like you had a nice time : )

  2. Haha! So true =))
    I had a lovely time thanks!


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