Nov 26, 2009

Just around the corner....

Christmas is really just around the corner! I can't really feel it as there is no snow here yet, but it's a fact.........and I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!
Not for its religious origins, or the presents....nor for the parties and many dinners - but for the way it makes me feel! Young! Alive! It's a mix of tremendous happiness, sadness, beauty and anticipation!
Happiness because I know I will be seeing the ones I love again.....

Sadness lies in memories of the people who are no longer with me. People who meant the world to me that I think of in a nostalgic way and whom I miss so much that no words in the world could ever be descriptive enough!!

Beauty because of all the happy faces around during the holidays of people re-united, of children opening gifts and all the decorations and lights all aound...

Anticipation of wondering if we will have snow on christmas-eve, of giving and receiving gifts, of wondering if the food will taste as good as previous years.

.....all of this brings me back to the age of 5 again in a heart-beat
- and I LOVE it!!

This Christmas I'll be going HOME for 2 weeks and I can't describe in words how much I am looking forward to it! Last year (due to past circumstances) I decided to stay in Switzerland, so this year I am happier than ever to again celebrate christmas with my family!

I wanna make snow-angels, bake gingerbread cookies, decorate the tree, wrap gifts and try to make a rhyme to go with it! I want to go ice-skating on a moon-lit frozen lake under the stars and then defrost in front of a fireplace with hot-chocolate in my hands.... I want to hear christmas music, eat plenty of food and sweets and watch cartoons!

Oh how I wish time could go by a little faster... Well! Can't do magic, so I will just have to wait!

What are your favourite things about christmas?

Linda - Lost in Switzerland for 17 more days.....


  1. The lights, the snow and all the happy people!

  2. Being with my family, snow-fall, candles everywhere, roasted chestnuts, carols, recieving unexpected cards and many many more things.
    Love your blog by the way...

  3. WD/Julie: Thanks for stopping by =))

    I am so excited! Got a reply from Deepak Chopra on my Twitter on this topic... He told me that his favourite thing about x-mas is the people...

  4. Oh my..:-/ All the food ofcourse.. all the happy faces..all the faboulus light arrangement above the streets..candle lights..and ofcourse santa claus..still belive that hes real:-)And to meet my entire family thats the most important.. That´s about it..wish you all a merry shristmas


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