Nov 13, 2009

I have a dream!

....a dream filled with visions of the turqoise ocean and the silent sounds of palm-trees swaying in the breeze!

I want to feel the rythms of Merengue and let my heart dance to it while my body is free to join in at any moment!

I miss the divine smell and taste of fresh coconut!

I wanna feel the heat on my skin! That special feeling of waking up, dizzy and overheated after falling asleep for an hour in what was the shade - but then turned into complete sunlight while you were unknowingly napping!

I wanna swim out to a nearby coral-reef and snorkel among colourful fishes and occasionally make an attempt at diving down to pick up an empty seashell from the bottom of the ocean.

I want to sip on drinks in pastel colours, with umbrellas hanging over the edge of my glass, while laughing from the very core of my heart!

I miss the feeling of crunching white sand between my red, painted toe-nails and watching it wear off little by little day by day by the grainy sand....

I think about the feeling of sliding down, level after level, in natural waterslides in the mountain, body and mind filled with fear, joy and adventure, and finally ending up in a blue lagoon with a big splash and a waterfall shower!

I want to have breakfast on the beach-terrace while enjoying the sportive challenge of capturing a tropical humming bird with my camera!

I want to shop for tacky souvenieres and figure out which one to give to who! I wanna hit the postcard stand, close my eyes while spinning it around and get the one my finger is pointing on, no matter who it's for.... I wanna buy the stamps and then feel the last minute stress of realising you have written them all but forgotten to post them (just before the bus leaves for the airport)!

I want to take a dip in the hotel pool, after a full day of swimming in the ocean, building sand-castles and sunbathing, to wash the traces of sea-salt away and cool down my skin to the level where clothes can again accompany my body...

I want to watch the sun set far away on the horizon and then laugh and dance around in a tropical rainstorm knowing that the sun is only hiding out for a few hours....

I want to walk home on the beach under the stars, with the reflection of those same stars in the water beeing the only guiding light. I want to do this after a long evening of dinner, wine and conversations about life, love and what-not and then fall asleep, exhausted, in a comfy hotel bed.

Oh I need to see you again, tropical paradise island!!! I have missed you...

Linda - lost in the land of Dominican Republic dreams while in reality, enjoying my Friday evening in Switzerland ;))


  1. Yeah..and why dont you make it happen, you realy could need that..:-) memorys is just great, and dreams i will join that one because here we have snowfall and that wet cold u know outside right now... Hugs from papsen....

  2. Oh yeah, in total agreement with papsen ;) let's make this dream reality! As soon as possible! Love your writing skills baby, you can really paint a picture with words... Love and miss you soooo puss puss


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