Nov 22, 2009


Dear sweet, wonderful readers of my blog,
I hope you are having a great Sunday so far!

Personally, I'm just lazing in my sofa with a cup of tea, surfing and listening to some amazing music..... Lazy has been the theme throughout the entire day in fact ;) Thought I'd drop you a quick post to share these beautiful songs that have recently touched my heart.......

I found the first song "Feels like home" in the soundtrack of a movie I watched the other day called "My sisters keeper" (I highly recommend it, regardless of what the critics say!) with Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin and Alec Baldwin... It was absolutely amazing (I rated it 4/5) - but beware, it is guaranteed to make you cry a river (or maybe even an ocean)!

Not entirely sure where I first heard song number two but knowing me, probably from Greys Anatomy (one of my TV obsessions) ;)) It is hauntingly beautiful!
I really hope you enjoy!

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. Musicians paint their pictures on silence."
Leopold Stokowski

Wish you all a great Sunday and even greater start of the new week!
Linda - Lost in Switzerland

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