Jun 24, 2012

Sunday Market in Divonne-les-Bains

For a Swede like myself, Sunday's can sometimes be pretty boring in Switzerland. Why? Well, most of Switzerland is closed on Sundays, which is especially strange for me since Sundays used to be my favorite shopping day.....both in terms of groceries for the coming week, but also for shopping in one of the big malls, preferably ending the day with a movie at the cinema. Now I'm used to this fact, but also found a new way to be entertained on Sunday mornings: Driving over to France and visiting the market in Divonne-les-Bains.

Arriving in Divonne, after having fought for parking spaces for about 10-15 minutes, we were greeted by local wine tastings, well assorted cheese and meat stands, meters of bowls filled dried fruits, nuts, tea's and spices, fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, clothes & shoes (well not so much in my taste..but.....), flowers, candy, local jams & honey's, luxurious soaps, different foods, nougat, candies and the most popular stands of all, those full of fresh fish and seafood where you can eat oysters accompanied by a glass of chilled, crisp Champagne. Also, most of the regular shops were opened as well as the little restaurants, cafes and bars. 

Certainly not the last Sunday morning spent there ;)) ....but one word of warning, bring your patience with you!! It is incredibly crowded!! Also another advise would be to bring a little trolley or backpack if you're like me and love these things, as carrying around all those little bags got quite heave after a while.
Happy shopping and most importantly, tasting!!



  1. Herregud vad mkt godsaker samlade på ett och samma ställe... Fantastiskt fina bilder som vanligt också/Johanna

    1. Ja, det var verkligen ett helt underbart overflod av smaskigheter!! Dofterna var helt otroliga =) Tack snalla du!!! x

  2. this looks amazing! so much fun. (& i know i'm super late, but congratulations on the pregnancy, linda! : ))


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