Jun 24, 2012

Hiking up to Dent de Vaulion - again ;))

Right.....so last time I was brave enough to try hiking up to Dent de Vaulion, I got us lost....and forgot the picnic at home. This time, Chris was around to guide our visitors (my dad and stepmom) and myself and that was lucky as the result was much better ;)) He heeee!

Quite a tough uphill at the end of pregnancy week 23, but certainly achievable and I was pretty amazed that I can still almost go in the same speed as without being pregnant! All the walking I've been doing seem to be helping me stay at least somewhat in shape. 

We spent an amazing afternoon hiking through the beautiful forest until we reached our destination. Only 6km's up and down and the actual hike only took 1.5 hours......then we probably spent 1.5 hours up at the top, just enjoying the marvelous views and some refreshing drinks. I adore this place and this time, the sky was very clear so we also had the most fabulous view of the Mont Blanc.
Dad, Paula and Chris taking on one of the first and smaller uphill parts.....
The fabulous Mont Blanc <3
View from the top
Chris pointing out some of the sights
We found some super cute donkey's and goats at the top that I enjoyed feeding =p
After our hike, we were quite hot and our muscles somewhat tender so we went for a refreshing swim in the Lac de Joux afterwards. Absolutely great way to spend a day in this region!!
No words can describe how lovely this water felt!!
.....could have stayed here forever <3
Something I would never do under normal circumstances, but since this is the first time I'm proud rather that ashamed to show my belly, I'm gonna flaunt it ;)) Hehe!
....and then the reward for our efforts - Cheeeeeeeese fondue!!
Fondue accessories
This year's fondue number....eeehh....uuhh......lost count!!!
This little ball of fire practically BBQ'd us on the balcony!! Such a hot day!
 ....we were all in bed around 21:00. That say's it all really!!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!



  1. What a glorious outing - amazing views - glad you had such a spectacular day! Patricia xxx

  2. wow! That does sound like an amazing afternoon! I want to do the very same things... fondue included :-)

  3. Vaulion is a municipality in the Swiss canton of Vaud, located in the district of Jura-Nord. Stresses the Dent du Vaulion visit, top of the Swiss Jura.


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