Jun 10, 2012

Making memories

Just had to say goodbye to my brother and his family. This is normally hard, but right now my emotions are multiplied by around 100, so needless to say, I've had an afternoon of many tears..... 

One of the hardest parts of living away from your home country is of course exactly this: Being far away from your family and friends....and here, time is not helping by healing as it would in most situations, but it is actually making it worse. So after 4 years of seeing each other maybe twice per year (if lucky), I must say, I feel I'm almost reaching the point of breaking every time I have to say goodbye.

We have been lucky to have them here with us for the past 9 days. Just wish we would have been equally lucky with the weather (it rained probably 6 out of these 9 days!).....but we have been spending this time making some precious memories =))) Here some snapshots:
We spent last Saturday picnicking by and swimming in the lake of Geneva
My brother tried to show Cindy how to blow bubbles
Chris & Cindy became really good buddies ;))
....we snuggled a lot!
Here we took Cindy down to see and to pet one of our favorite neighbors =)
....lots of BBQ'ing!
An absolute must for a 2 year old visiting Switzerland: Watching the cows =) 
We are neighbors with a huge play park, so we went there yesterday afternoon 
Clearly, little Cindy had lots of fun  
...so many things to play with that she was almost confused by all the options =p
Cindy and I, feeding the chickens
.....and they had little baby goats that were so adorable that I wanted to steal one and bring it home!
....we also went to the Zoo La Garenne
....and Cindy found a little friend.
Ice cream! Another summer must have =p
On the picnic blanket.....
Isn't she lovely? Already 2 years old!!
Friday snuggling =)))
Chris taught Cindy how to bake! Can guess which bread is hers?? ;)
Playing in the grass
.....fallen soldiers after a full afternoon at the play park! Ha haaa!


  1. vilka härliga bilder!! jag hioppas att ni flyttar hem till sverige snart så du slipper alla tårar!!
    kram kram från mamden

  2. More great photos Linda. Do you know that you can make a book of your blog using Blog2Print? If not check it out. It is easy (well fairly easy) and economical. All the best Rob

    1. Thanks a lot Rob!!
      No, actually I had no idea you could do that.... Thanks a lot! Will certainly check it out =) Did you try it already?

  3. Gorgeous snap shots Linda - looks like you had an amazing time with your family.
    Great post.




  4. Cindy is so adorable, absolutely irresistible! I can just imagine how lovely it must be to have that gorgeous little angel around for 9 days!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family - I know how hard it is to say goodbye, but don't family visits also make you feel recharged a bit? All that love, the taste of home... Makes me feel weepy to say goodbye but also makes me so happy to have spent time with them in the first place!

    Also, you and the bump are looking lovely!

    1. Thank you =)))))) You are so kind!!
      You are right....of course it re-energizes. Maybe if I saw them more often, but it hasn't really been possible. Hopefully things will change when we have a little one....it's maybe even more natural that you'd like to see each other and work may not be the no 1 priority anymore ;))


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