Jun 15, 2012

The feeling of Summer

A sweet, warm breeze blows by and softly strokes my face. The sun hits my eyes as I walk out from the shadow beneath the massive oak tree standing tall by the side of the road and it hits me hard, yet kindly......all the way into my heart. 

 There is a smell of freshly cut tall grass on sun-drying in the air! As I walk on, I see butterflies dancing in the air over the fields of barley, which are now dressed in multicolor. There is green, yellow and lightly golden with proud, brightly red poppies sporadically spread. I hear the sound of lawnmowers in the distance, the sound of buzzing bumblebees near my path and the sound of summer birds cheerfully twittering above my head. 

My skin is humid, a bit sticky even, and lightly tanned with a hint of freckles. I smell like sunshine and warm salt. I am thirsty and I daydream about lemonade, ice cream cones, soap bubbles, sun riped strawberries, running barefoot in the soft, green grass and jumping into the refreshingly cold lake.

It is impossible not to feel overwhelmed of happiness! It is magical! 
It's everywhere and all around! It's in front of me and inside of me. 



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