Jun 16, 2012

Days like these are precious treasures.....

I spotted these little lovely, delicate heart-shaped petals while walking... 
We woke up a bit late this morning, probably around 10:30-11'ish, using the fact that it's weekend and that we had no plans and while having breakfast, it was already 24 degrees and full sunshine with clouds so few and tiny that they didn't give any shade whatsoever. 

The afternoon was spent outdoors, walking around in our stunningly beautiful area and it was so hot that we decided to take a dip in the little mountain water brook, just close to our house (It was freeeeezing cold, probably not more than 15 degrees (MAX) but made us feel as good as new!). This was followed by  a, much warmer, bubble bath with facial and hair mask (just for me in case you were wondering ;)) and then a great Vegetarian Fried Rice dinner, cooked by Chris, on our balcony. An absolutely amazing way to spend the day!!

Here, a little update of what's happening currently and as of lately ;))

Currently, I'm........
Our view of Lac Leman (Lake of Geneva) this afternoon
Happy about: That summer is finally here!!! Every day is simply amazing!! 
Disappointed about: It would be impossible not to mention football here! I'm disappointed (not angry) that Sweden lost against Ukraine and England in the Euro 2012. It's true that we didn't play great in these games, but neither did our opponents frankly speaking, so in my opinion, it could have gone either way......a little bit of luck wouldn't have hurt and it never seems to be on our side in these kinds of tournaments.
The Raspberry cake from our landlords that we enjoyed, with some vanilla
ice cream for dessert! In the background, our own Raspberry bush, doing
quite well I must say =))
Thinking about: Right now, how to be able to get what we really need for the baby and not getting caught up in all of these absolute must-have-shopping-frenzies that all these baby magazines are inspiring you to go on. Have.To.Stay.Strong ;))
Listening to: Since we're sitting on the balcony, right now it's the sound of distant crickets, birds and cowbells (and Chris making the occasional comment about some airplane news he's reading in his favorite magazine ;)) ..... So lovely!!
Looking forward to: Everything!! =))
Eating: This amazing Raspberry pie/cake that our landlord baked and brought for us (while it was still warm I might add ;)). Sooooo yummy!! I'm pretty sure we have the best landlords in the history of mankind.
....surely not the warmest bath I've ever had, but nevertheless, amazing!
Watching: Alternating between this screen, the view from our balcony (great, green fields with a blue sky background) and  trailers for a few movies that we might watch later (right now, it's between "Safe house", "Jeff, who lives at home" and "21 Jump Street").
Wondering: How to celebrate Swedish Midsummer this year! It will be especially strange without the traditional Swedish Snaps! Not that I ever really enjoyed it, but it's just one of those traditions ;))
Planning: Things to do with my dad and his wife when they come to visit us! They arrive tomorrow evening and are staying here for 2 weeks. Will be fun!!
Feeling: The warm summer evening breeze in my face and our baby kick, frequently and LOTS! ....and I love it (besides the occasional kick on my bladder!! Ouch!) ;)
Inspired by: .....as you may have noticed, the weather!! Summer makes me feel like anything and everything is possible!
Thankful for: Being able to work less now so I can properly take care of myself and the little life growing inside of me. Strange feeling though for someone who always prioritized work and have worked at least 100% since 1998 (OMG!!!!!).
Remembering: The gorgeous afternoon I spent by the Lake of Geneva yesterday on a picnic blanket. It was especially lovely since I had the whole area more or less to myself and was then joined in the afternoon by my dear friend Greta who also joined us for BBQ, Mojito's and football in the evening. More of this pleeeeeeaaaaase =p 
Here, some snapshots from yesterday afternoon:
Summer in a bowl
Summer on a fork
Pure enjoyment caught on cam ;) 
My spot. Not too shabby I must say ;))
Wanting: Many MANY more summer days, just like these ones!! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! .....and if your team is lucky enough to still have a chance in the Euro 2012: May the best team win =))



  1. I love summer and as you I am so thrilled that it is here. It looks that you are enjoying yours a lot. Very happy for you and all the beautiful things that go on in your life.

    1. Indeed, I am =)) Thank you so much!!! I hope you are fully enjoying yours too ;)

  2. Gorgeous snaps - I love summer too - just wish we got some more of your days in London




    1. Thanks a million Joanne!! I hope the sun is coming your way ASAP ;)) x

  3. What a lovely post! :) Here another one enjoying the summer and first kicks of a baby.. ;) Ah, a picnic by the lake would actually be a great idea!

    1. Ooohhhh so happy for you!!! Are you finding out if you're having a boy or a girl?
      Picnics by the lake are the best! Especially when you are lucky enough to fins some hidden spots where it's really quiet and all you hear are the waves and some birds twittering =))


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