May 1, 2012

The weekend Tanja & Therese came to "town"

Imagine that it’s Friday afternoon………the sun is shining on your face….you have a massive wooden box filled with ripe, red, Spanish Strawberries in the back of your car that you plan to serve for dessert and the awareness that in just a few hours, you will be picking up two of your very dearest friends, that you have not seen in nearly a year, at the airport. 
That was how my weekend started!!!

We had 3 great days together filled with an unimaginable amount of crazy jokes and laughter and equal amounts of food and cheese ;)
We didn’t do that much. It was not really needed…….we were just catching up on old memories and making new ones and also enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Essertines.

Oh and I’m actually lying!! It was 3 friends, not two! I almost forgot to mention Eric Flat who of course also joined (he lives with Therese). You’ll see him in some of the photos below, enjoying the Swiss country side for the first time ;)))
It was a beautiful evening in Essertines!

I prepared some healthy snacks.....
Who am I kidding?? Snacks and CHEESE of course!!
....I made American Pancakes for breakfast
....for a whole army ;)
Saturday afternoon was spent in Geneva
Eric, enjoying the silence under a harmony!
Am pretty sure I saw him shivering a bit in fear here....but in the end, they got along well, Eric and the Cows!
Some views from our Sunday walk around the village
Eric was surely enjoying the country side

.....and so did Therese and Tanja =)

Our village in spring =))
The view of Lake Geneva
Buttercups fully in bloom

Beautiful spring day!!
A "neighbor" has rabbits and we were allowed to go in to see them. How cute can something get??
It was hard to get Chris out of there in the end.....and even harder to say  no to bringing one of these home!!
I wish all days would be like these!! Thanks Tanja & Therese for such a lovely and FUN weekend!!! We enjoyed it so much =)))



  1. Thanks, Linda and Chris for this lovely weekend!!! I had so much fun and I am still laughing out loud when thinking of some of all the jokes and tricks.... and thanks Tessi for being the best travel companion ever!

    Eric - you are also pretty ok... even though you grabbed my butt one too many times! Not okääääj!

  2. I'm so jealous, it looks like such a lovely time. You made me miss my friends...... Gorgeous photos and great post.

    Dressology HQ

  3. Hade gärna norpat både utsikten och snacksen ;-)

    1. Sa kanner jag ofta nar jag ser dina bilder ocksa ;))

  4. What a great and fun weekend. Thx for sharing the lovely photos.

    <3 Marina


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