May 19, 2012

Saturday in photos

Amazing weekend so far...... One with no plans, no must-do's, just relaxation, good food and movies. Just what a pregnant lady needs ;))
Since I've had to stop running (honestly, it got too heavy and is not as enjoyable when you can't go your normal pace), I am going for walks as often as possible. Walks in this area are more like hikes though as wherever you go, you can count on some serious climbs!

Currently, I am in love with life, with nature, with spring, with the world and obviously with Chris and our little "bump" ;)) Besides some of the pregnancy cramps that seem unavoidable, I am enjoying every second.....every breath....and it's with such an incredible excitement that I look upon and envision our future.

Some snapshots from today.....
The little brook is flowing with melted mountain water is now filled with tadpoles =))
Face a'la naturelle, as it should be in spring in the country side ;))
I found a large, four-leafed clover!
.....the weather had problems to make up its mind today! For a while, it looked as if the storm was coming.
I made dinner..... 
Oven baked Salmon & Cherry Tomatoes, served with Chive topped Potatoes, Butter & Lemon fried Asparagus and accompanied by a Basil and Lemon Pesto Sauce. Yummy!
Now hoping to end this great day with popcorn, the movie "Contraband" and hopefully also a new episode of "Person of interest" that we recently started to watch and have become quite addicted to! If you need a new series to watch, one filled with action. I would recommend this one for sure! It grows on ya ;)
We started to watch "Alcatraz" after all the hype, but truthfully and personally, I didn't find it that good or appealing at all.... Here the teaser trailer for "Person of interest":

What are you up to?
Wishing you all a lovely Saturday 



  1. Glad to her you are treating yourself well, you and the baby bump need lots of TLC!

    I love the first shot!

    Have a lovely long weekend darling.


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