May 13, 2012

Hiking the Creux du Van

This weekend, we have had the pleasure of having Chris's parents visiting us.
On Sunday morning, with beautiful sunshine outside our window and a big breakfast in our bellies, we headed towards Neuchâtel to hike up to and in the surroundings of Creux du Van, an amphitheatre-shaped, 150 meters high and 1400 meters wide rock wall. A beautiful and quite spectacular hike, but unfortunately for us, that sunshine that we saw outside in the morning did not choose to follow us up the mountain. Instead, once we reached the wall, it was freezing cold and very very windy, making it quite difficult to fully enjoy the glorious views this destination has to offer (not to mention that the fingers almost froze when trying to take pictures). Also for me, with my ridiculous fear of heights, I was never daring to step so close to the edge ;))
Even so, we had a beautiful day with a 10km hike containing a 350 meters climb that took roughly 2 hours excluding our break for hot chocolate and Blackberry pie. Highly recommended, but probably better to go in June when it's a bit warmer.

Below some photos:



  1. wow, beautiful views! I have never seen cliffs like those in Switzerland! have to add it to my "must-visit" Swiss spots.

    I hope you are doing well darling! Say hi to the baby bump for me :-)

    1. Oh yes, you should definitely go on a sunny day!! Indeed, the cliff doesn't feel so Swiss, but hte hike up through flowered meadows with cows and their bells does ;))
      I'm doing great sweetie (besides learning howo to adjust to my new weight)! Thanks a million! The bump says hello back ;)) x

  2. Wow! Gorgeous! Unreal, too bad the weather didn't cooperate.

    1. It was beautiful even in spite of the weather!! ....I can only imacgine what it would have been like with sunshine ;)) Thanks!

  3. Yes yes yes, I confirm it's a beautiful spot. I did it during a sunny day on August,1st last year....not for you to be jealous...yes it's can pick wild raspberries on your way sweat much more as well. I felt like I was carrying rocks in my backpack. Loved it...

    Isabelle B.


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