May 15, 2012

Photo blog: A world so beautiful

I somehow find it so immensely sad that so many people fail to see how much beauty is all around us. Especially when all we have to do is to stop for a few seconds, a minute at the max, and just soak it all in. The photos below were captured in the matter of minutes. It's really all it takes.....
A fragile dandelion, reaching for the sun......

A spring meadow, illuminated, as the sun begins to set...... 
A spring evening sunset, so strong and spectacular.....
A rapeseed field, stretching on for miles.....
The moment we start finding happiness in the small things life has to offer, is the moment we can truly start enjoying it......



  1. Isn't it amazing?! In love with the world and with life <3 and the fact that we'll see each other real soon!!! Puuussss

  2. Me too sweetest!!!! Am sooooo looking forward!!! =)))))

  3. Very beautiful pictures Linda. And you are so right.

  4. Seeing your beautiful pictures make me want to go here as well! Thanks for the good read!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting ChefMikey! =))


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