Apr 24, 2012

Let me first say....

.....that this shall NOT become a pregnancy/baby blog....but having that said, it would be clearly impossible for "an-everyday-life-kind-of-blogger" to avoid mentioning anything about it. What I will do for sure though, is leave our baby and Chris's daddy role out of it and just keep the unavoidable pregnancy stuff about me, when and if I feel like sharing something.

Now, here are some funny things about (me) being pregnant so far.....
- One of the first comments I received when I told, well let's call him or her "Someone" I was pregnant was "Ah yes! I saw your face was getting really round!"...the good news is that the first words here were "Congratulations!! That is great news!" which made the fat-face comment feel much milder to an otherwise pretty overly sensitive pregnant lady ;))
- Being pregnant, I have completely lost my mouth filter. It's like a curse!! I am just blurting out whatever comes to my mind! Recently, this has been happening a lot at work which is absolutely frightening! Well......I don't know about your jobs, but mine require.....let's say a certain level of politics, so you might be able to imagine this "little problem of mine" and the situations it might get me into.
Me with a 9 month sized belly in the store "A pea in the pod"
- Did you know that there are maternity wear shops where you can try on your new stretch clothing with a "strap-on-belly"? A really really hilarious and surreal experience (not to mention a super clever idea!)!! If you're in the US, please go find the store called "A pea in the pod". Amazing assortment and service!
- I am still running....if it can be called running ;) You see my time on a standard run of 5 km's has significantly increased  (probably in the same pace as I'm gaining weight)! Normally, on flat grounds, I run 5km's on 26-28 minutes. Now, it's more like 35. I already feel like a buffalo!
- I am falling asleep uncontrollably these days....anywhere and at any time! I wish I could add "shamelessly" but that would be a lie! It is really embarrassing.
- When we were in the US, we went to an Air show with lots of planes (clearly not my hobby but a gift to Chris from me ;)) and guess what? When the Blue Angel jets flew by, I was so moved (!!) by how impressive it all seemed that it made me cry!!! Ha ha haaaaa! Can you imagine the hormones it must require to make someone like me start crying by an airplane?! Looking backwards, quite a hilarious moment.

More to come.....I'm (unfortunately) pretty sure ;))



  1. WOW!!!!! Congratulations!!! You look beautiful - much love, Patricia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Läs det här blogginlägget och speciellt alla kommentarer så kommer du märka att du är i gott sällskap....


    1. Ha ha haaaaa done! kanner mig jatte normal nu ;)) Laser ocksa Ann Soderlund och Hannah Rosanders bok "Pa smallen" som ar oerhort underhallande..... Tack sota!! x

  3. Linda congratulations to you and Chris on your upcoming bringing of a child into this amazing world. It looks like you are no longer 'Lost in Switzerland', an amazing purpose fulfilled. I look forward to reading your future baby blogs from the sunny beaches of Australia. Best wishes

    1. Hi Rob! Thank you so much! ...and you're right about the "lost" part ;))
      I look forward to seeing you here! x

  4. YAY! Congrats :) So very happy and excited for you!!!

  5. Var på A pea in the Pod i NY, jättefina kläder!

    Jag var så trött i början att jag ibland gick in på toa på jobbet för att sova ett par minuter. :D Nickade till vid skrivbordet hela tiden, haha. Kram!

    1. Kanner igen det dar alltfor val......sa sjuuuukt pinsamt!!! hahahaaa! kram!


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