Apr 14, 2012

It's raining....it's pouring.....

I am in Sweden since yesterday evening, visiting a friend of mine and her two children.
It's never easy to explain how we know each other and how come I love these children so much. They are the niece and nephew of my ex and she, my friend, is the ex of my ex's brother. See? Ha ha! Not so easy ;)) Anyway, I've known these children their whole life. Now they are 9 and 7.5. They are as close as I ever got to having my own kids and every time I see the three of them, it's the best time!!

Yesterday evening, Nelly (the daughter) and I planned that this morning, we were gonna get up early and go for a run together. She was going to join me for the first lap (2.5) km's and then play games in the car while I finish the run. She even took out her jogging shoes to ensure they really fit and we were both quite excited about this adventure.

This morning, I woke up from a noise against the roof. Going down the stairs, I see it! The awful sight of SNOW and heavy rain falling down in a wet mixture and the wind was tossing it against the house, making that horrible and loud noise......

Needless to say, our plans have changed. Also the ones I had with Enzo (the son) to play some football on the lawn..... Now the plans spell: Candy and potentially a movie ;))



  1. Oj hjälp! Inte läge att klaga på att det varit lite kylgt i Berlin idag ;-)

    1. Usch...nej det vart riktigt kallt och trist =(( Att jag bara hade med mig ballerinas och mina jogging skor gjorde inte det hela lattare... He he! x

  2. How cute !
    It sounds like you are having the best time - enjoy




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