Jan 7, 2010


I think I finally found it.....my new MOJO! My drum, my rythm, my way forward!!
Nothing fancy, no rocket science, no poetry - just words put together in such a sequence that they really manage to get to me!!

These words will be printed and I will try to keep them with me at all times.....reminding me of the importance of marching forward and being consistent and true when it comes to matters that are messing with your core-values.

You see.... I am a master in over-analysing things and dwelling upon them for ages before feeling completely reconciled with my choices and decisions sometimes! Well, I say no more!
This, my dear blog-readers, is my new motto:

Some lessons learned, going on 31:
Stay true to yourself....don't compromise on things that may cause you to look back thinking "what the H was I thinking!"!

Don't be too rigid either and stick to your principles just because (been there, done that....and will probably do it again....but less!)!!
Who knows? Maybe stepping out of your world or comfort-zone will be one of the biggest lessons you'll ever learn in life and MAYBE, just maybe you'll even enjoy it? Or AT LEAST it can be added to your list of life-experience.....

....if you make mistakes, learn from them instead of dwelling on them and use that new-found knowledge to avoid them in the future! You will make more, that is certain and when you do - read the note above ;)

I also found this quote that I really loved and wanted to share with you:
"It is ok to loose your pride over someone you love....just don't loose someone you love over your pride"
Unfortunately, the name of who wrote this was nowhere to be found.....

I am BACK and it feels great!!!

Linda - (Less) Lost in Switzerland (at the moment... ;))


  1. This is some really great insight. I over-analyze everything too. I even over-analyze how much I over analyze.

  2. Hehe! I know that feeling all too well!!!
    Well.... I know I make it sound like I will never do it again, but I'm sure I will! ...but I can at least promise to do it less! Thanks for stopping by =))

  3. That is a good one. Will try to do the same!!
    x / Wendy


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