Jan 3, 2010

The slippery road to remember how to ice-skate

Hope you all had a fantastic new-years eve and that you are all enjoying your year so far ;)
Did you make any new-year resolutions?? Do tell! =p

I am blissfully happy right now because we decided to go for ice-skating today.......something I have been really longing for but haven't really done in 10 years or so!!

Quick report of the outcome:
* Started out like Bambi on ice.....do blame the ice-skates for the worst slippery-sliding though ;)
* One fall! Not too bad -just got a little cold!
* Need more practise to skate back-wards! In all honestly, I felt a little embarrassed to practice as there were soooo many people on the ice....and there is something about 7 year-olds mastering something that I can barely take on as a beginner that makes me blush! I know....pathetic (and the same reason I never learned how to ski downhill ;))
* Proud to say that I still manage the over-stepping in rather high-speed! Hihihi!
*To conclude: Ice-skating is still a blast at the age of 30!!! Will definately go again!!

Now rewarding myself with hot-chocolate in the sofa....getting ready to watch "Where the wild things are" that I've been looking forward to for MONTHS!!!

Only worry at the moment: Going back to work tomorrow and would lie if I said I feel excited about it.......oh well!!

I wish you all a wonderful week!!
Linda - Survivor of the first attempt at ice-skating in 10 years!!!


  1. Gosh that looks like so much fun, i really need to practice and get a little bit better! It has to be more fun when you actually can skate forward on the ice hahaha! What did you think of the film? We watched Avatar 3D and I absolutely loved it!! If you haven't seen it do so ;-) Missing doing all these things together with you... lots and lots of l♥ve!

  2. Ice skating!!! Haven't done that for years! Maybe I would be too scared =o) x/ Wendy


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