Jan 13, 2010

Winter weekend.....

Another weekend in Switzerland, the land of a thousand ways to enjoy this season...
I'm not a down-hill skier myself, but am seriously considering giving sledding a go on Sunday! The mountains here are nothing less than incredible and I really want to start enjoying the opportunity to be at fantastic winter-sights in an hour of driving. It is a kind of everyday luxury!

I honestly think I have fallen in love with winter all over again... Not sure why as I can't remember ever feeling this way about this season before!

There is something about the way the cold takes invisible bites from ones cheeks and leaves a rosy mark... Something about watching the snow-fall that brings a sense of peace....

I'm loving the feeling of having been outside, feeling like you're becoming an ice-sculpture and then come inside to defrost with the help of a cup of hot-chocolate....

It brings back memories of building snow-lanterns and watching it glow in the dark...or even having friendly snowball-fights in the school-yard......
In less words, it makes me feel young ;)

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”
William Blake

I hope you are all enjoying your winter-weekends!!! What are your plans??

Linda - Lost in the Swiss alps soon....either on a sled, on cross-country skis or just making snow-angels ;)

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  1. Sledding sounds dangerous but fun! Let us know how it went. My weekend was all about food, which is good too! Love /Wendy


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