Jan 5, 2010

Top 10: Vanity must-haves

OK.....this may sound a little odd and ridiculous to some of you, but I actually do have a list of products that I would go into complete and utter panic if they had run-out! Trust me..... I have even tried to go for a couple of weeks without some of them with proven, significantly unwanted side-effects such as blemished skin, dry elbows, hair that looks like a Persian-cat on a rainy day, hair that looks like it has been left to dry in the Mojave-desert for a week or two and a sense of just feeling.....dull........
Now we can't have that, can we?! .....please don't take my exaggerations in a bad way ;))

Anyways! Here is my top 10 list of these life-(read vanity)savers of which my top-5 are the absolute musts:

1. Dermalogica - Ultra Calming Cleanser
The friendliest way to clean the skin! This is my winner and I will go to great lenghts to never ever run out of this again!
I simply LOVE this facial cleanser!!

2. Johson's Baby Oil
Ha! I knew there was a secret (beyond the simple age-factor) as to why baby skin is so soft ;))
This is actually a new found favourite that I don't know how I could have lived without knowing about all these years (thank you Aryan!!)!! Who says this can only be used for babies?! PLUS it costs a quarter of any of my normal body moisurizers!! Wow!

3. Sebastian Potion 9
I blow-dry my hair ever morning......this would be far from possible, considering my Nordic-origined-blonde-hair if it wasn't for this little tube of wonder!! ...and you just need a little!

4. Dermalogica - Daily Microfoliant
Bye bye to over-sized pores! Yep, using this for a few weeks in a row is the only thing so far that has helped this very common "problem". I tried for a while to do without it, which turned out to be the biggest beauty mistake made during 2009! I will not repeat it!

5. Elisabeth Arden - Eight hour cream
Just put a teeny-tiny little drop on your lips, dried elbows or wherever else you think nothing but the magic of Dumbledoor or photoshop could fix and voilaa!! A minus for the smell, but even so - a fantastic product!!

6. Clarins - Beauty Flash Balm
Lack of sleep, hang-over, a good cry - you name it! This is another tube of miracle that will make you look like you had nothing but beauty-sleep since you were born! (Thank you Tanja! You gave me this little pointer ;))

7. Dermalogica - Super Rich Repair
The PERFECT night-cream! A little pricy in all honesty, but you don't need much, so it lasts long...

8. Smith's Rosebud Salve
An oldie, but a goldie!! A simply fantastic lip-balm that works in all kinds of weather....and can always be found in my hand-bag (somewhere.......).

9. Redken - Pure Moisture
When I found this hair-care series I was amazed!! Never before had my hair felt so revived in no time!! Eeehhmmm, this was also after one of those experimenting periods where I said to myself that I really don't need all those fancy hair-care products. Well, as it turns out, I do!

10. L'Occitane - Grape Shower Oil
Especially in summer and winter.....
It's not that I can't do without this one, but I sure do better with AND it smells better than most oil body-cleansers ;)

If I missed any life-savers or if you have any better ones - please DO share!!!

Linda - Lost in Switzerland....fully stocked ;)


  1. Har tänkt prova Dermalogica länge, men aldrig gjort slag i saken. Nu är det hög tid! Det blir en Potion nr 9 också, låter perfekt. =)

  2. Det är inte billigt....det ska gudarna veta, men jag är upp över öronen förälskad och ångrar inte för en sekund att jag konverterade! MEN - det ska vara sagt att om man redan har något som funkar, så kan det vara värt att INTE ge sig in i detta träsk......because once in - you can't get out!! ;)


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