Dec 4, 2012

To go or not to go......

...that is the question I've been asking myself now for the past three days! To go or not to go for a walk that is....defying this HORRENDOUS weather! It was so beautifully snowy here a few days ago, but then it started to rain and the result is an ugly, wet and windy 500 shades of grey. For the past three days, I have been on my way out but then changed my mind at the last minute as the weather got increasingly worse......but today I did it!! ...and well, I am happy now that I went - but trust me, I did not enjoy it! In fact, after about 500 meters of walking, the sky opened up and the wet snow came down on us as if to tell me "You idiot! Turn around!". Some sample photos below ;))
Doesn't it look appealing?! Not!

....and then the wet snow came down and it was freeeezing!!

Please note that these pants are supposed to have a very light grey color (some centimeters of the pants are still dry here in this photo ;))....and btw, not so clever of me to go for a walk in this weather in sweat pants 8o) The only clever choice in my outfit were my "Canada snow" boots (which I LOVE!) - so at least my feet stayed dry!
Luckily, our buggy came with rain protection ;))
My unglamorous, un-made and rosy-cheeked faced after having been out in the cold!
One of the best ways to defrost ;)))
Mommies/daddies! Do you take your babies out for strolls in this weather or not?! I feel so incredibly lazy the days when I don't =o/

Now we are back in the warmth of our home and I will use this opportunity of Allison sleeping after the walk to start watching season 2 of "New girl" (loved season 1!) with a very hot cup of coffee. Enjoy your afternoons.......



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  2. Nope! I've stayed in in in..and looking at your photos am glad that I did ;D Seems like sky's clearing up now though so maybe later, feel always so good afterwards and bebe sleeps better :-)

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  4. Hi Linda

    I have been meaning to stop by for a long time and say a big congratulations on the birth of your baby daughter Allison.
    What a pretty name ! It sounds like you have a good handle on motherhood and are enjoying all it brings. I have just 10 days to my due date now, so it's a waiting game at this stage.
    I'm finding this part difficult as it seems to be dragging on and on. I can't wait to meet ours and I'm hoping it might want to come out to spend its first Christmas with us.
    Anyway, delighted you are doing so well and are so happy.




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