Dec 14, 2012

The end of an era....

In the middle of the happiness and emotionally overwhelming time of having our first baby, after careful consideration, many sleepless nights, lots of stress, pro's and con's lists, days of both worrying and daydreaming, it's now decided and official... As of spring 2013, I will no longer be "Lost in Switzerland" but rather home in Sweden. 

Yep! We are moving.....and now that it's decided, I can finally exhale and allow myself to feel ridiculously excited about finally being closer to my friends and family again after what will be nearly five years in Switzerland (!). No words can describe how much I have missed them over the years while going through so many changes in my life and no words can really begin to describe the joy I feel inside at this moment, knowing that all those hugs I have missed so desperately, all those heart to heart conversations I could never have, at least not face to face, will soon be within my reach again....

Besides all the massive amounts of planning required now for the move....there is one other obvious question: What shall happen with this blog now??  It has brought me so much joy over the years....a relief and an outlet for so much I needed to get out of my system. I have found so much inspiration from the people reading and commenting and it has also enabled me to meet some amazing people.

Shall I continue to write from Sweden about our life and new adventures there? Would anyone be interested in reading it then? Please please let me know what you think by commenting here below, on the Facebook page or by sending me an e-mail ( ... Potential lack of comments/responses will be taken as a sign of a non-interest. Thanks a lot for your feedback =)



  1. I hope you keep this blog alive. You have an interesting point of view to things, thoughts n' stuff...and you will probably not quit that by moving back to Sweden. :)

  2. just change the name and topic: chris and allison lost in sweden;)

  3. Det är klart att du ska fortsätta blogga, älskar att läsa om hur du har det och vad du gör samt titta på dina fina bilder. Så jag röstar ja. Kram!!!

  4. I think the question is if you want to blog anymore or not. Personally I think you should continue because you are good at it and I enjoy reading you. So good luck with the moving and keep the blogging on!

  5. Hi Linda,

    I'm quite sure that your blog "Linda at home" would be as interesting as "Lost In CH". Do not give up with writing. kind regards from Poland!

  6. Klart du ska fortstätta blogga. Det går utmärkt att blogga från Sverige också ;)

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